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AICA Ortho & Spine Specialty Group is Atlanta’s premier Orthopedic clinic consisting of Orthopedic Doctors, Neurology, and diagnostic & imaging services.

Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors treat chronic conditions and injuries that include severe auto accidents, slip and falls, work related injuries, back pain, chronic headaches, and joint pain. In addition, we are also happy to accommodate any patient requiring diagnostic testing and/or imaging services such as MRI, X-ray, NCV, EMG, etc.

Atlanta’s Most Experienced Orthopedic Doctors

AICA Ortho Spine serves as Atlanta’s most experienced Orthopedic clinic, helping thousands of patients over the last 20 years recover from various injuries and safely return to their routine.

Our staff of Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors and medical specialists all have an extensive background in their areas of expertise, allowing them to have a strong understanding of their patients’ injuries, as well as the most current treatment or diagnostic options available. AICA Ortho & Spine Center of Atlanta Orthopedics & specialists are available to treat, diagnose, and provide imaging/diagnostic services conveniently under one roof. Our patients have direct access to a variety of state-of-the-art imaging devices that include X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and Ultrasound.

These imaging devices allow our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors to develop a 3D visual of each patient’s injury. This type of insight helps our Orthopedic Doctors develop the most appropriate treatment plan that’s customized to meet the specific characteristics of each patient’s condition.

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Atlanta’s Premier Orthopedic Clinic

AICA Ortho & Spine strives to be a trusted resource for all patients experiencing pain or recovering from an injury.

Our multi-specialty approach combines a variety of disciplines and allows them to perform in a single clinic providing patients with a complete diagnosis and treatment available. In addition, AICA Ortho & Spine is pleased to accommodate third party billing and most major health insurances for your convenience. The bilingual staff of AICA Ortho & Spine is eager to accept new patients. Same week appointments are available as well as transportation for those in need.

Health Benefits of Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment

There are vast health benefits associated with Orthopedic Treatment, making it the perfect solution for supporting and improving personal health. Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors provide holistic treatment solutions that focus on complete wellness, opposed to treating the symptoms of a particular condition or injury.

Unlike other traditional medical fields, our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors do not rely on prescription medications, which temporarily mask pain, nor do we resort to surgical techniques to treat injuries. Instead, we provide holistic treatment techniques that help stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Common Orthopedic Treatment and Techniques

Although each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, some of the most common Orthopedic Treatment solutions and techniques our Doctors use include:

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