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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Imaging in Atlanta

A nerve conduction velocity test, or NCV, is a common diagnostic test which measures the rate of nerve conduction. This type of test is often used to diagnose pain and can diagnose disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome or diabetic neuropathy. During an NCV test, electrodes are placed on the skin and impulses are sent between them. Measuring and interpreting these impulses can allow doctors to detect nerve damage or dysfunction.


Electromyography is a test that measures muscle strength. In some cases, pain is caused by muscular weakness. A simple EMG test can help your doctor determine if you have generalized muscle weakness, or muscle weakness that is caused by a neurological problem. The process of an EMG is relatively simple and painless. A small electrode is
inserted through your skin into the muscle. This electrode is able to provide a detailed reading from your muscle, reporting the strength of its contraction.

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